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Freight Forwarding

Sea Freight  |  Customs Brokerage
Immigration Services  |  Dangerous Goods Management
Dry Bulk & Liquid Transportation


Land Transportation

Extendable for risers and CTLF
Low bed trucks for abnormal & Heavy-Lifts



We provide an integrated suite of logistics services, ensuring on-time delivery of all materials from vendor to rig or platform and back again. We manage warehouse, packing, pipe yard, transport, fuels and bulks, CCU, quayside and waste operations – using our own assets and resources or partner suppliers according to client requirements and local custom. Also, we have a strong marine management capability which helps our clients manage their vessel operations effectively, efficiently and safely.

Our onshore operations integrate to include but not limited to; Provision of trained and competent stevedores, materials and inventory management, warehouse management, pipe yard management, transportation and storage services to support our client needs.

Our team works closely with oil and gas operators and engineering, procurement and construction contractors to provide innovative solutions to the most complex and challenging project freight requirements. The safe and responsible management of waste is a key issue for the oil and gas industry therefore, we work hand in hand with specialist in providing excellent solution to general and hazardous waste collection and disposal, petrochemical, offshore and marine services, total waste management services, recycling solutions, training and advice on best practice.


Quayside Operations

Loading and offloading deck cargoes to include unusual and abnormal lifts.
Short to medium term chartering of vessels and negotiation of shared vessel sailing space to cover peaks in demand and ad-hoc urgent requirements.
Manage supply vessel turnaround activities and bulk loading process.
Supply vessel auditing, fuel and water sampling and HSE on contracted supply vessels.
Manage vessel bulk fuel, water & drilling product levels, bulk cargo requirements and bulk tank cleaning.
Manage and coordinate emergency response and rescue vessel (ERRV) operations and exercise monitoring.
Manage relevant Logistics budgets on behalf of Drilling and Production (Port calls, Ports charges, loading and offloading planning etc.)
Heavy and unusual equipment transportation.



C7 has the ability and capacity to manage the entire cycle from vendors’ yard to the rig or installation unit and back to the vendor. We fundamentally grasp the cultural nature and structure of the oil, gas and energy sectors and can effectively manage the sourcing, distribution and sustainability of the energy supply chains.

Our management services go beyond just stevedoring but take into account the complexity of working with both ports available in Takoradi.
Our management services include the following:

Strategic Organization
Strategic Operations Management
Financial Management
International Business and Emerging Markets Management
Total Quality Management
Performance Management

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

C7 Logistics has skilled and experienced staff which is one of the scarcest resources in the oil and gas industry. Our competent personnel focus on providing high quality quayside/ marine and logistics professionals in Ghana. We place a special emphasis on supporting our people on the field and on the Job.

We have a significant and proven capability to move all manner of cargo to include heavy and abnormal lifts from offshore to vendors’ yard and in the reverse order. Our focus has always been of high level of safety, efficiency and time bound. Our dedicated, competent and experienced staff will ensure your shipment arrives as promised: on time and on budget.We are dedicated to providing solutions and transportation along with innovative ideas to the ever-changing requirements within the oil and gas industry. This includes but not limited to; project cargo, handling of heavy and over-sized cargo, Dangerous good loading and segregation, hazardous goods, bulk loading and discharge etc.

Our understanding of safety as very high and sensitive arena of concern has driven us in delivering and achieving zero Lost time Injury (LTI) since the inception of oil and gas in the country.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of safe, efficient and reliable onshore and offshore logistics support to the oil and gas sector in the country.

Our Values


Our primary concern and attitude to work is safe guarded by safety management systems. This ensures staffs are trained and have high safety consciousness and are able to perform their duties in a safe manner.


we constantly demonstrate higher ethical values, honor our agreements and HONEST in our communication

Respect for People

We CHERISH, CARE, and have RESPECT for all individuals as a source of our strength.

Customer Relation

We aim at exceeding our clients’ expectation for value and service and focus on the customer “COMES FIRST” to maintain long –term satisfaction.


We strives for continuous improvement in our performance, measuring results carefully and ensuring that integrity and respect for people are not compromised on.

About Us


C7 was established and registered under the laws of Ghana registration of business name Act, 1963 (Act 179) as a limited liability company and registered with Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) and Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to provide onshore and offshore logistics support to oil and gas sector in the Country.

We have well trained qualified, competent and dedicated stevedores, crane and forklift operators readily available around the clock.

Our success so far is driven by our passion to be very competitive in our safety approach to work, service delivery, price quotation, efficient and effective in service delivery, trained and competent staff and our passion to protect life, property and the environment regardless how small they may appear.

We aspires to become a prominent indigenous logistics support company providing a total logistics services to the oil and gas sector in Ghana.



Freight forwarding - 85%
Quayside Operations & Logistics- 100%
Land transport and Oil & Gas Services- 75%
consultancy - 87%

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